Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning Services in San Antonio and Boerne Texas

San Antonio & Boerne TX Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning CompanyHow we do your Tree Trimming is completely up to you!  Different people have different preferences and our goal is to have the end outcome be exactly what you had in mind prior to starting your project.  Many San Antonio Tree Services practice hack and stack method.  We do not!  Our goal is to let the client, tree and home co-exist in harmony with each other.  When working on native San Antonio Oak Trees, we always disinfect our tools and tree cuts with a tar-based sealant to prevent the spread of the awful and dreaded Oak Wilt.  Many competitors do not feel it is necessary to do the same.  Here are a few simple ways to break down your tree trimming needs.

Level 1 Pruning – This includes basic safety pruning and health preservation for your trees.  Level 1 would typically include removing select large dead branches, raising any low lying canopies to a desired level, and re-directing tree growth away from any home, roof, or structure.  Directional pruning is used to stimulate and encourage limbs to grow in a particular direction (ex: upward or away from home).  This is common in the 78209 area of San Antonio (Alamo Heights, Terrell Hills, etc.) where large Texas Pecan Trees dance dangerously near historic and valuable homes.

Level 2 Pruning – Level 2 Tree Pruning includes everything listed above in Level 1 plus crown cleaning and the extraction of a substantially greater amount of dead and diseased wood from the tree plus 80% ball moss removal when present.  When removing deadwood properly, many small cuts are made rather than fewer large cuts.  This ensures that live branches are left alone to prosper and efficiently gather nutrients which are drawn from the root system upward toward healthy branches.

The World Famous Tree Amigos Tree Service Level 3 Pruning – Okay, maybe not quite “world” famous, but this service is the bees knees!  Everything included in both Level 1 & 2, plus the extraction of nearly all deadwood plus an amazing 99.9% ball moss removal (often 100%!).  The tree is also inspected for cavities from top to bottom, treated with ant granules to avoid infestation and most importantly – given a hug upon completion.  This level of service is often recommended for the following areas where ball moss can be quite dense and esily take over trees when allowed to do so.  (Helotes, TX; Shavano Park, TX; Hollywood Park, TX; Hill Country Village, TX; Fair Oaks, TX; Boerne, TX; Leon Springs, TX; Bulverde, TX.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Will ball moss kill my trees?

A) Only in severe circumstances, which can commonly be found in those areas mentioned above under the Level 3 Pruning description.  Ball moss (Tillandsia Recurrata) isn’t actually moss at all.  It’s a plant/flower (just not a very attractive one and it’s also not a parasite).  It’s an epiphyte of the Bromeliad family which means two things:  One, it’s a cousin to the delicious pineapple!  Two, the damage it causes trees isn’t from robbing them of their nutrients.  So how do it harm trees?  Good question!  Ball moss prefers very little wind, an abundance of shade and a fair amount of surrounding moisture.  This makes our beloved San Antonio Oak Trees the perfect home.  When allowed to heavily populate a tree, it begins to ast shadows which provides undesired shade for the lower canopy of the tree.  Photosynthesis is unable to occur leading to the slow suffocation of lower limbs.  When these lower limbs die off, they are no longer there to pull the nutrients up to the higher branches and into the crown of the tree.  This domino effect leads the tree into a high level of stress which only makes the habitat more ideal for more ball moss to invade until the poor tree decides to give up.

Tree Amigos Total Tree Care serves San Antonio, TX, and surrounding areas such as Boerne, Fair Oaks Ranch, Helotes, Shavano Park, Comfort, Kerrville, New Braunfels, and Schertz, TX.  We are led and supervised by our owner, Justin Joseph, who is ISA-Certfied Arborist and Texas Oak Wilt Qualified. We also provide other tree services such as tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, lot/land clearing, and tree consultations. Contact Us today to schedule your FREE at-home consultation.